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Swiss Health is committed to offering a you a range of premium quality products to protect you and promote your well being. In addition, we offer the highest quality certified brands used in medical institutions across Europe. Obviously, prevention and protection is the first step in promoting optimal health and reducing the spread of disease. Our vast range supplies allows you to put your health and safety first. Let Swiss Health’s products help shield you and your family. Health and well being is our priority.
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Certified disposable products for the health sector

Certified disposable products such as nitrile gloves, mouthguards or disposable safety goggles are an integral part of everyday medical life, both in the outpatient and inpatient sector. Nitrile gloves, disinfectants or safety goggles should always be available for all employees.

Disinfectant & Hand Sanitizer

The disinfectant 500ml offers a good supply for infection protection in everyday medical life, but larger units of 5000ml are also available. In the 500 ml bottle, the disinfectant product from Swiss Healthcare is the perfect companion in your coat or handbag. It is extremely skin-friendly and reliably eliminates up to 99.9% of all pathogens. Its effectiveness is also proven with enveloped viruses, such as against the corona virus. Its optimal dermatological compatibility means that it can be used on all skin types without any problems. Hand Sanitizer Gel 310ml is also perfect for hand cleaning and hygienic hand disinfection. High-quality additives such as vitamin E or aloe vera extract provide additional protection for sensitive skin. At the same time, the hands are optimally disinfected with each application. The practical plastic foam pump makes it easy to remove each individual portion.

Face mask & nitrile gloves – Optimal protection

The Swiss Health mouthguard 3-layer convinces by perfect wearing comfort, whereby the noseband adapts itself optimally to the bridge of the nose and thus ensures a pleasant wearing comfort, even during longer use. In comparison to so-called 3-layer masks, the Swiss Health FFP2 respiratory protection offers even greater, effective and reliable protection, for example against mist or fine dust. Sophisticated filter technology with low breathing resistance and a perfect three-piece design ensure easier breathing at work and more facial movements when speaking. Nitrile gloves with their smooth palm, powder-free and roughened fingertips also offer the best protection with a high level of comfort during all examination procedures. The nitrile gloves are particularly suitable as disposable examination gloves.

Safety glasses & protective glass Acrylic – prevention and protection

With integrated lateral fluid protection, the disposable safety goggles from Swiss Healthcare always ensure clear vision, they do not fog up and also convince with their very easy handling and low weight. As part of extended hygiene measures, the acrylic safety glass is used in particular to protect against droplet infections and has become increasingly important in the wake of the Corona Pandemic. The high-quality protective glass is very easy to set up and guarantees optimum prevention of droplet infection even over a longer period of time, even in close customer contact. Of course, the protective glass is also ideally suited as protection against spitting.

Respirator for vital situations

In situations that are vital for survival, seconds often count. The 510S ICU ventilator has 6 ventilation modes, delivers precise tidal volume and also offers manual ventilation and inspiration hold function with convenient one-button operation. Thanks to its advanced technology, the ventilator can be adjusted from 40-100% or even more in the FIO2 range. The innovative workstation thus comprehensively and safely meets all the needs of professional ventilation for children and adults.