Face Mask

Mouth and Nose coverage as a sign of solidarity

Since the new type of coronavirus, masks have literally been on everyone’s lips. People have long since been required to protect themselves and others from the transmission of viruses by wearing facemasks, not only in clinical settings but also in their private lives. Reason enough, therefore, to always have a small supply at home.

Disposable face masks in a practical 50-pack

Comfortable to wear motuh and nose masks with ear loops are available from Swiss Healthcare. The three-layer masks do not hinder your breathing and are also suitable for allergy sufferers because they are latex-free. The face masks are made of fleece and a filter medium which is guaranteed to be free of glass fibers. In the 50-pack they always have enough masks at hand, even if they have to take care of friends and relatives once.

Protective mask without ear problems

Unless you work as a nurse or doctor, you will never have worn a disposable mouthguard for hours. The sensitive skin on the ears can suffer from the long wearing time despite all the comfort. For this purpose, there are the practical mask holders, which hold the straps of the protective mask together behind the head and thus relieve the ears. Offered in a pack of three, this small but nice gimmick provides even more wearing comfort.

Protectional face coverage with FFP2 standard

While the classical mask is sufficient for everyday use, nursing staff are quickly faced with a challenge here. People with pre-existing conditions should also take advantage of all the protection options available to them during the pandemic. The FFP2 mouth masks from Swiss Healthcare offer 98% filtering performance and thus perfect protection. Of course, the masks are European tested. Thanks to the metal frame and the special design of this face mask, the wearing comfort is extremely pleasant. Offered in a pack of 10, with these FFP2 masks you always have a mouthguard ready to change. The mouth and nose coverage can be folded and stored in a space-saving way.

Protect yourself and others

The protective mask has long been more than a status symbol, it symbolizes protection, solidarity and cohesion. In today’s world more than ever. Respiratory protection retains a certain amount of so-called aerosols and ensures that viruses cannot spread uncontrollably. By wearing a respirator, they signal to others that they are being considerate.

Swiss Healthcare products make it as comfortable as possible to wear. Whether it’s a practical headband to relieve pressure on the ears or a perfectly shaped FFP2 mask, comfort is high. Ideally, you will not feel the mask while wearing it, but still enjoy the good feeling of offering protection to others.

Do not leave your health to chance

Being healthy and staying healthy is also a part of your own responsibility. With a mask from Swiss Healthcare you take responsibility and protect yourself and your environment from uncontrolled virus transmission. Wearing a respiratory mask is indispensable, especially when you come into contact with people in need of care or who are weak. Do not leave it to chance whether they infect another person or infect themselves. Thanks to the high wearing comfort, they will not feel the masks from Swiss Healthcare after a very short time. All products meet the requirements of the mask duty and are also suitable for professional use in the profession.