Disinfectants for surface and hand hygiene

A hygienic environment is the best way to feel good. Bacteria, viruses and fungi invisibly colonise surfaces and hands. Normal wiping or hand washing is often not sufficient to kill all the viruses/bacteria present. With disinfectants from Swiss Healthcare you can ensure hygienic conditions in your rooms and on your hands.

Use Hand Sanitizer Gel at home and on the road

Whether enveloped viruses, bacteria or yeast fungi, the Disinfectant in the practical 250 ml bottle is the ideal companion for on the go. The ingredients are adapted to the sensitive skin on your hands, the disinfectant is well tolerated and provides lasting and effective protection against bacteria. Whether in surgeries, bathrooms, canteen kitchens or clinics – surface disinfection and hand disinfection is one of the most important measures for maintaining hygiene status. The practical 5000 ml canister is suitable for disinfecting larger surfaces. Remove the required amount and then close the durable canister again airtight.

Disinfectant as reliable protection against germs

Whether in a hospital or in a private environment – germs can be found everywhere. A hotspot is, for example, door handles, light switches or even control elements in the bathroom that are used by several people every day. Invisible to the human eye, all kinds of germs are spread here, both harmless and those that can cause illness. Hand Sanitizer Gel from Swiss Healthcare provides the necessary degree of safety and hygiene. Use it for toilets, surfaces, door handles, light switches and many shared elements or as an effective supplement to hand washing for your hands. After contact with yeasts, bacteria and viruses, water and soap are not sufficient to completely clean your hands of the residues. Disinfectants are used as an effective supplement. Not only harmless pathogens, but also dangerous germs are reliably killed and rendered harmless by rubbing with a hand sanitizer. All disinfection products from Swiss Healthcare are particularly gentle on the skin with maximum effectiveness.

Disinfectants as an effective supplement to cleaning

Sterility is standard in surgeries. Surfaces that are in constant contact with patients are regularly disinfected by qualified personnel. Why only in surgeries? Even in private households there are germs that cannot be removed or only inadequately removed with the normal cleaning process. This is especially true in the hygiene sector. Whether washbasin or toilet, do not leave the hygiene of your bathroom to a standard bathroom cleaner, but rely on long-lasting and hygienic disinfection. The kitchen is another source of germs, especially if fresh meat is prepared here. Whether poultry meat, pork or fish – in no time at all, bacteria such as salmonella develop and remain on kitchen surfaces and tables. Simply wiping over them with a cloth is not enough here. With Swiss Healthcare disinfection products, you are on the safe side and can protect yourself from harmful kitchen germs. This also applies to your hands. The practical hand wash dispenser for disinfectants is an indispensable helper in your kitchen. At the touch of a button you can disinfect your hands in the kitchen and ensure hygienic cleanliness. The combination of surface disinfection and hand hygiene is the best standard of how to protect yourself permanently against harmful germs.